I view myself as an explorer of limits. Those quests just happen to involve running as my transportation most of the time. Down a road or up a mountain, I have to know what it feels like to give it my all! 


Thanks to this mindset, I've been blessed to experience many different facets of the sport since I began my journey. From competing collegiately and coaching, to working at a specialty running store, and even directing a race or two. I've seen it from various perspectives, and I'd love to share my thoughts and adventures with you.


Furthermore, if you like to run, are interested in running more or at a higher level than you are now, I'd like to help! So please don't hesitate to reach out.

If you're interested in seeing some races I've run and my personal bests, feel free to check out my Resume below.


My Coaching Philosophy

I have been incredibly fortunate to have had several coaches with varying opinions on what was best for me and my own running at different points in my career. Some of these mentors were "conservative" while others may have been a little "brash". Nevertheless, once I began coaching athletes of my own at the college level, those vast differences in coaching styles enabled me to have a  range of knowledge to draw from when writing my own workouts for others.

I believe we run for a lot of different reasons, but one that most of us share is to test the limits of our hearts. One will get out of running only what they choose to put in. As your coach, I can help motivate you to test the limits of your own heart, in a smart and safe way. It's all about building a strong castle on stone and not sand. You can't run two miles until you've run one.

If you're interested in elevating yourself and your running to another level, feel free to inquire more by clicking the Get Started button below!

Custom Endurance Coaching

Unique and personalized online coaching, one on one consultation, feedback and evaluations, and race strategies to help you reach your goals from half to ultra marathon.


-All you need is a GPS watch and a Strava profile


-Workouts will be delivered online through a Google Docs Sheet


-Unlimited emails, phone calls by appointment

$225 / Month

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